About Us


The family business, founded in 1959 by Honoré Pelletier and incorporated in 1976 under the name Constructions H.D.F., is now run by his youngest son François and his wife Caroline. Constructions H.D.F. original offered excavation and earthworks, public roads snow removal and bulk transport services. The company has since diversified and now specializes in road maintenance and rehabilitation which includes asphalt paving and milling, street-sweeping and public roads snow removal.


Inspired by the highest standards of the industry and our partners, our mission is to support them in order to offer them the best suited maintenance and rehabilitation services.





Thanks to passion, determination and entrepreneurial spirit that drives its teams, the company has been able to overcome the many challenges that led to its growth. Commitment, tenacity and perseverance are essential to achieving collective success. Collaboration and mobilization of the teams, who are fuelled by challenges, are vital in the achievement of its projects.


The pursuit of excellence is lived on a daily basis and translates into a sense of well-being and a constant search for continuous improvement in order to exceed the highest standards of the industry. All share this desire to excel to offer the best to its partners. Its teams, familiar with industry issues, are ready to change their pace and methods of working in order to deal with changes, expectations and deadlines independently and proactively.


Being and feeling respected allows each individual to cultivate a sense of belonging and pride within the company. Respect is lived on a daily basis through our actions and implies loyalty, authenticity, integrity and, in all circumstances, concern for others. Everyone can express their ideas and opinions in a constructive way and demonstrate active listening by ensuring the understanding of the other. Beyond an attitude of listening and openness, respecting others is also fulfilling the commitments made to others. Believing in the equality of individuals, diversity and difference are considered an asset for the company.


Innovation feeds on technology, anticipating consumer trends, creativity, but also courage to do things differently. This passion for innovation is a powerful drive for the company. And because there is no innovation without daring and initiative, the teams propose and organize new ways of doing things to constantly push the limits of the company.